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Appendix 3: Faith community contacts and resources

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Community contacts



Telephone number


Baptist Church 01235 517 700 www.baptist.org.uk
Catholic Church - CSAS 0121 237 6076 www.csas.uk.net
Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter-day Saints 0121 712 1251 www.lds.org.uk
Church in Wales 0292 034 8234 www.churchinwales.org.uk
Methodist Church 020 7467 5189 www.methodist.org.uk
Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB) 020 8993 7141 www.minab.org.uk
Movement for Reform Judaism 020 8349 5656 www.reformjudaism.org.uk
Muslim Council of Britain 0845 2626 786 www.mcb.org.uk
Religious Society of Friends 020 7663 1023 www.quaker.org.uk
Salvation Army 020 7367 4772 www.salvationarmy.org.uk
United Reform Church 020 7916 2020 www.urc.org.uk
United Synagogue 020 8343 8989 www.theus.org.uk


For those from Hindu or Sikh faith, please contact the local temple.


For other faiths including independent Christian churches, please contact the Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS) who are an independent christian child care charity working across the faith sector. Please ring 0845 120 4550, visit www.ccpas.co.uk or email info@ccpas.co.uk.


Community resources



CCPAS, together with the Lucy Faithful Foundation, have produced materials to assist faith communities in working with offenders, including a DVD, SOS Supporting Offenders Safely, and a booklet, "Help... a sex offender has joined my church".


CCPAS has also produced Safe and Secure, ten safeguarding standards for faith communities, which contains both policies and procedures, as well as a 60 minute safeguarding DVD drama documentary set around the 10 standards.


Faith communities should also refer to Spiritual, cultural and religious beliefs Procedure of these London Safeguarding Children Procedures and the national good practice guidance Safeguarding Children from Abuse Linked to a belief in Spirit Possession (DCSF, 2007). Further information is also available on 'Good Practice for Working with Faith Communities - Spirit Possession & Abuse' from CCPAS.