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5. Accessing information from abroad

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Caption: Accessing information from abroad


A child for whom significant relevant information may be held abroad includes a child who may:


Professionals contributing to a multi-agency assessment (in line with Referral and Assessment Procedure) of a child for whom relevant information is likely to be held abroad, should seek information from their respective counterpart agencies abroad (i.e. health professionals in the UK are responsible for retrieving health information from health professionals abroad, etc).


Principles of good practice for social workers working on child protection cases and care orders, where the child has links to a foreign country are available in Working with Foreign Authorities: Child Protection Cases and Care Orders Departmental advice for local authorities, social workers, service managers and children's services lawyers July 2014.


Where an assessment is required of family or relatives' circumstances abroad, LA children's social care should contact an organisation such as Children and Families Across Borders whose details are available at:


Professionals should contact national embassies and consulates in London for the countries concerned. Embassy and consulate details are available on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website, at:


Where local agencies abroad cannot assist in divulging information about a child and their family, UK professionals should seek assistance from Children and Families Across Borders.

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