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London Child Protection Procedures and Practice Guidance

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Updated: 31st March 2020


On Tuesday 31st March the first of the twice-yearly updates went live. Only minor changes have been made to the Procedures as a part of this update, for example, updating links to external guidance/legislation etc. The next update will be on 30th September 2020.

However, the Editorial Board of the London Child Protection Procedures will be updating the front page of the Procedures on an, ‘as and when needed’ basis in response to the challenges to the safeguarding system presented by the Covid-19 crisis. We are not going to amend the Procedures as it will hopefully be a short-term set of circumstances, but we will provide interim guidance regarding deviation from the procedures where it is likely to be helpful.

UPDATE: As of Monday 1st June, the Editorial Board has decided to remove the additional guidance on the transfer of case responsibility between local authorities when families move to a new local authority area, and to revert to the substantive procedures. Government guidance on travel and working arrangements has been updated; professionals have developed new ways to build and maintain relationships with families and more children will begin to attend school over the course of the next few weeks. There would not appear to be any reason for transfers of case responsibility not to return to normal. Whilst it is unlikely that there have been large numbers of moves over the “lockdown” period, the Editorial Board would suggest that transfer requests are managed on a case by case basis over the course of the next 6 weeks to avoid significant increases in demand for resources in authorities experiencing a large number of transfer in requests.

We would add that in these difficult times, we urge all boroughs and agencies to work together to safeguard children and recognise that, whilst practice will need to change to reflect local circumstances and available resources, every area will be experiencing huge challenges and to work hard not to increase demands on other agencies and boroughs.

Six Monthly Updates:

The London Child Protection Procedures are updated on a 6-monthly basis. The most recent update took place on 31st March 2020 and the changes can be viewed in the section Amendments and Archives. The next update will be the 30th September 2020 - or the nearest working day. Any comments or suggested changes for this update should be forwarded to Alison Renouf, London Safeguarding Children Partnership Manager (alison.renouf@londoncouncils.gov.uk) for the London Safeguarding Children Partnership, by 1st September 2020.



Steve Liddicott

Chair of the Editorial Board

London SCB