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London Child Protection Procedures and Practice Guidance

Updated: 30th September 2021

The London Child Protection Procedures have been updated following the publication of Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 (December 2020), Keeping Children Safe in Education (September) 2021 and the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 as well as other changes to guidance and regulations including the consequences of Brexit. There have also been some changes made to reflect good practice (e.g. the process for ending a child protection plan). For full details of the changes, see the News Section.

There are other additions to the procedures being prepared, e.g. guidance on information sharing. Exceptionally, some of these may be published prior to the next scheduled update to the procedures in March 2022. To ensure that you are kept up to date, please register for the update service - click here to register for updates now. This will ensure that you receive automatic notification as soon as any changes are made to the site.

The Editorial Board of the London Child Protection Procedures will be undertaking a review of the procedures over the course of the next 3 months. There will be a questionnaire distributed through local safeguarding children's partnerships and a series of focus groups in some local areas and for some professional groups. Please complete the questionnaire when you receive it and join a focus group if you are invited.

Six Monthly Updates:

The London Child Protection Procedures are normally updated on a 6-monthly basis. The most recent update took place on 30th September 2021 and the changes can be viewed in the section Amendments & Archives. The next update will be the 31st March 2022 - or the nearest working day. Any comments or suggested changes for this update should be forwarded to Alison Renouf, London Safeguarding Children Partnership Manager ( for the London Safeguarding Children Partnership, by 1st February 2022.

The Editorial Board is chaired by: Henrietta Quartano Senior Assistant Director, Children's Safeguarding & Social Care, Royal Greenwich.

The Editorial Board is supported by:
Steve Liddicott, consultant for the review of the Procedures.

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