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London Child Protection Procedures and Practice Guidance

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Updated: 30th September 2019


On Monday 30 the September 2019 the second of the twice-yearly updates went live. The following changes were made:

Additions to Part A: Social Media

Addition to Part B3: Social Media

Over the summer 2019, the Editorial Board of the London Child Protection Procedures consulted on a new chapter dealing with sharing and processing personal information. The consultation period has now ended. Thank you to those who took the time to respond. However, we understand that the Department for Education is currently reviewing the guidance on information sharing published in Working Together 2018, so we are not proposing to make any changes until the DfE’s revisions / amendments have been published.

Alongside changes to the structure of the Procedures, the Editorial Board is currently updating the look and feel of the Procedures. We hope to make the new look procedures available for comment later in the autumn with a view to going live in January 2020.

Six Monthly Updates:

The London Child Protection Procedures are updated on a 6-monthly basis. The most recent update took place on 30th September 2019 and the changes can be viewed in the section Amendments and Archives. The next update will be the 31st March 2020 - or the nearest working day. Any comments or suggested changes for this update should be forwarded to Alison Renouf, Board Manager (alison.renouf@londoncouncils.gov.uk) for the London Safeguarding Children Board, by 2nd March 2020.



Steve Liddicott

Chair of the Editorial Board

London SCB